Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mika's new album is super good.

I've been like accidentally writing a story based on my life, kind of. I just sat down one day and started to write the first things that came to my mind, and everything that came out was shit I've never actually said to anyone. Crazy.

Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm so angry.

Okay, get this.
Last year, a senior in high school, I was a cheerleader for the third year in a row. Right. So, I cheered, and I was fucking good at it, thank you very much. I made Varsity, yeehaw, and I had pretty high hopes of being a captain. But. We had a new coach, and for some reason, she fucking hated everyone on the team but one girl. So, AND THIS IS SOME CRAZY SHIT, she made THAT GIRL, a junior, Captain of the Varsity team. And, you know, I was mad, but the coach said she did it because I, as a Senior, had a lot on my plate and she didn't want to give me any more unneeded responsibility. And that made sense! So, satisfied, for some reason, with that answer, I went on my merry way, cheered my fucking ASS off the rest of the season, and graduated in June. Woopdi-friggin'-do.
This year, my cousin is on the squad. And that girl that got the captain's position over me is now a Senior. So, if the coach was to be true to her fucking word, a JUNIOR would get the Captains position over her, because she's a busy Senior! But no. This girl got the position again. And when questioned about it by my cousin, who had been there the previous year and heard her explination, she answered,. "Oh, I just said that so the Seniors would stop bitching and shut up."


This woman is like, a 25 year old former college student or something, coaching and mentoring a group of high school girls that look up to and respect her. And she lies to them on a regular basis, with no apparent remorse. That's not right, in any way, shape, or form. There's no way that I, an 18 year old, naive, recent high school graduate, should be more mature than my former cheerleading coach, up to whom I used to look. When I make a decision and people ask me about it, I give them honest reasons for my choice, even if they don't like it. Because I know that, somewhere down the line, they'll maybe hate me a little less, because I DIDN'T FUCKING LIE TO THEM.

So, my former coach that I did at one point consider an equal, I would like to announce that I have lost what little respect I had left for you. Enjoy corrupting these young girls for however long you so choose. I just hope that someday down the road, you realize that your way of life, and essentially your entire core personality, is corrupted and wrong.

Grow up, and have a nice life.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

I fail at blogging. And keeping up with journals.

So here's both in one go. =P

(I have to do a monologue for Acting, and this is about picking it)

I had a really hard time picking my monologue, to tell the truth.  I read through all of the recommended ones, and none of them really jumped out at me, so to speak.  So I marked a few of the more interesting ones so I could go back through and read some of the plays.  I ended up narrowing it down to three, all belonging to different plays.  I ended up only reading the first play I had picked, which was None of the Above.  I fell in love with Jaime’s character (I think her name is Jaime. It’s late and I am tired), and even thought I didn’t really care for the plot of the play, I thought the characters were loveable and believable, so I went with it.
I’ve read the play all the way through twice now, and I think I’ve got a pretty decent grasp on her personality, and how her relationship with Clark changes over the course of the play.  I’m pretty confident that I’ll be able to do her justice. She’s a pretty deep and complex character, even though at the beginning she seems shallow and stupid.  But I suppose figuring that out is the point of the whole play, isn’t it?
I’m actually sort of looking forward to performing this whole deal, but I’m a little nervous, too.  I’ve never done a monologue before, so that’s a little unnerving.  And the fact that like three other people are doing the same monologue makes me excited and scared at the same time.  I mean, I really want to see how different their takes are from mine, but I still sort of feel like there’s a little pressure.
I’m looking forward to my rehearsal as well.  I like to get feedback and to know how I can improve, so this is great.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Yup. Worst blogger ever.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Augh. I'm awful at keeping a schedule, aren't I? Yeah, I'm the worst.
Ah, this is going to be really short because I just got back from dance (shut up I don't want to hear it) and I'm freaking exhausted.
So. Yeah. That's about it.
Good night, then.

You're still here? Damn.
I really don't have anything to talk about. Soooo.
You can go now.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


The day be filled with the talk o' the gentlemen o' fortune, arr!

I was planning on doing a whole post in pirate, but really I feel like ass and I'm not in the mood. Sorry, Internets. Maybe next year.
I've felt kind of out-of-whack all day, and it's a little weird. I'm pretty sure I know why though. One, I've probably got a cold, and Two, my daily routine drastically (but hopefully only temporarily) changed yesterday. As dorky as this is going to sound, Nick's going to be out of service with his phone until tomorrow, and it's really weird not texting him all day long. At least I think that's the deal, because he's in like East Bum Fuck this weekend. I hope he hasn't decided that he doesn't want to talk to me. Alright, now that you all hate me, moving on...
I have this crazy bug bite on my arm, and it hurts kind of. OH GOD SWINE FLU. Just kidding, of course. You really don't want me to start in on that. Damn H1N1, freaking everyone out.
I got Anberlin's CD months ago, and I just listened to it today, and I have decided that I really like it. Craziness, right? RIGHT.
Well, other than that, I really have nothing to say today. Sorry for the short post, but I really don't want to slip into the habit of skipping it again. That gets out of hand way fast.
Peace out. =P

Today be the day o' pirate talk.

Me hearties best be expectin' a post in pirate talk afore sundown.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Alright, behavior observation journal.

Let’s do this.
A lot of times, I’ll notice that taller people tend to walk with their shoulders hunched and their heads down.  I usually wonder if this means they are uncomfortable with their height, or if they just get so used to ducking under things that it becomes a habit. =P  I’ve also noticed that when people are in a group they’re more likely to look around when they’re walking, whereas people that walk alone look down or at their feet.   When I walk, I try to hold my head up and look around, regardless of whether I’m walking alone or not.  I try not to cross my arms a lot, but I’ve been told that when I seem uncomfortable, I often play with my hands or grab one arm with the other.  I guess that makes sense. It’s like a security thing, probably. 
It’s really interesting to me how much you can glean about a person, simply from their body language and posture.
It would seem that males generally move and stand like they are more open to interaction and the like, while females seem like they are mostly closed off.  It can sometimes be very hard to judge a person’s personality, because of cell phones, iPods, and things like that that everyone has become so accustomed to.  People will often walk around with their nose buried in their phone, ignoring those around them.  I know I do it.
I’ve really been enjoying all of my classes, but I’ve gotta say that Acting is my favorite.  I really like getting up and actually doing something, rather than staring at PowerPoint all day, every day.
So yeah.   I’m not really sure how I’m going to end this, so I guess I’ll just… end it.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Killin' time.

I've got about an hour until my next class (actually, exactly an hour, good guess, me), and I'm sitting here by myself, so I figure this will help pass the time a little. And I'm fucking tired and want to go to sleep. Buuut I can't so I need something to keep me awake.
Aaron bought me a fucking Big Mac today! Which is awesome, because I was super hungry and I love surprises. Specifically edible ones.
I actually have almost nothing to talk about, which fails a tad, but whatevs.
Oh, I guess I could talk about this couple at the table next to mine that have been there for like two hours, being waaaaay too touchy-feely for such a public place. OH MY GOD they are feeding each other. Seriously? And they keep looking at me like I'm interrupting their little love session. Really? Get a room please. I have just as much right to be here as you, and I'm not being obnoxious.
Oh hey, I finally finished my essay. I got lazy toward the end, so the last two paragraphs aren't very good. And I'm not really sure I fulfilled the requirements of the assignment, which is shitty. But I tried, and it's two pages, so shut up.
My phone has been rather silent all day, I'm a little sad. Oh well.
I might claim this table as mine. It's quiet down here, I'm right near an outlet for my laptop, and other than the dicks next to me, everyone that has come through has been very nice.
I was harassed by some girl earlier to vote for her for student government. Honestly, I couldn't give a shit, but I just told her I was super busy and snuck by. My browser just underlined 'snuck' and told me it's not a word. I thought it was, but now that I look at it, it looks really stupid. Snuck snuck snuck. Snuck.
I wonder how many people actually read this? It's very likely that it's only Kenzie, but whatever.
Oh hey, now that couple is taking turns blowing bubbles with the same piece of gum. Jeeeez.
Mmmm, Mayday just came up on my Zune. They're coming to Northern Lights on November 4th, I should go yeah. I should bring a friend, too. =]
Oh man! I almost forgot. I found someone that shares my love for Tuna Casserole! I didn't know it was possible! All of my friends think it's gross, and Nick said most of the people he knows pretty much hate it, but we both dig it, haha. How nuts is that? We both love snow, and tuna casserole, and our birthdays are like four days apart, and we're both hilarious. =P
Oh YEAH those douchebags are leaving. Fucking finally. Go do it somewhere else please.
Ahhh, life is good, but I'm out of things to talk about. So, I'm out.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

He's Only Nine!

Pooooop I haven't done this in like three days, and I can't spend a lot of time on it now. I have a nap to take, two movies to watch and a two page paper to write.
So for now I'll just sum everything up.
My classes are good, I really like all of them but Soc, and that class is almost unbearable.
I'm not really sure where Nick and I stand. But I mean that in a good way, as strange as it sounds. I think he is sweet and funny, and he seems to be fond of me as well. =P  But as of now, I think we're just talking, and trying to work out some time we can see each other, and actually speak face to face rather then phone calls and all day texting.I just hope we work something out soon, =]
Um, hung out with Aaron yesterday. Bullied him into buying a water instead of an energy drink, hahahaha. Okay, so I didn't bully him. Shut up.
I am ridiculously happy lately, and I definitely know why. I'm not sure when the last time I felt like this was, or if I've ever even felt like this before. This is a good thing, and I'm glad I took the time on the way home that day to ask about Tito. =P
Ah, the end. Movie watchin' time. Or maybe nap time. =P

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I need a new camera.

Alright, actually doing morning pages in the morning. Score.
My horoscope is nuts today!! It's all "Oh, someone important to you thanks far away won't be far away much longer. Good things will happen with them". Well I fucking hope so!
I am seriously in love with nevershoutnever. He's so good, and all the music is so mellow and cute and happy and I love it!
Kenzie told me funny Mima stories last night, and I was VERY amused. How does she know this stuff? It's crazy. Makes me lawl.
I'm so hungry. Which is nuts, because when I wake up I NEVER want to eat, not for like three hours.
Dudes, I keep spelling 'because' wrong. My fingers get like overexcited and confused and skip letters and add letters and kajlsfhgkjhafdgari
I'm having a lot of trouble focusing, ugh.
My mom is being a suuuuper creeper, and I'm pretty sure Taylor spilled the beans, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.
This is way harder in the morning, because I don't really have anything to talk about, but I guess that's the point, huh?
My grandparents are here, and they are telling me intriguing things. How do grandparents find out about this stuff? It's crazy.
My horoscope makes me happy. =P
I'm probably not going to text a certain city slicker today unless he texts me. Although he did call me again last night... eh, I'm sure I'll cave and end up texting him. It's what I do. =P
OH YEAH he called me again last night. I made an ass out of myself, but I guess he was amused, which is good. I like to make people laugh, especially important, far away people. =P
My lucky color today is green. Score, I love green. And I love luck! So yeah.
I'll wait until AT LEAST one. Okay, maybe noon. To text people, I mean. I'll try. I guess.
I'm rambling. =P
Alright, I REALLY need breakfast, so adios amigos. =]

Friday, September 11, 2009

I have to do a journal for my Fundamentals of Acting class.

And I'm going to use this for it. One full page. Let's get it on, bitches. (This has been edited as not to offend anyone)

            Alright, to be honest I don't really like it here much. I don't know many people, and most of the ones I do know have some kind of problem with me for one reason or another. But I have a few pretty good friends, so I guess that'll hold me over until I graduate. =P
My first few days of school I had intended to keep my head down, so to speak, and just breeze through my classes.  Use my four hour break that I have every other day for studying and homework.  That worked until I ran into an old friend that I hadn't seen in years.  Now we fill in each other's massively long breaks that happen to fall at the same time, and I have to actually do homework at home.  Which is pretty great, it’s actually really nice to have someone around to keep you company that knows their way around campus.  I’m still having trouble remembering which floor my classes are on.
I've seen some other people that I haven't spoken to in a long time around, but I don't really know if they remember me.  I feel like I am sort of forgettable.
I'm so glad it's starting to get cooling and windier.  I'm excited about winter, it's my favorite season.  It rocks.  The snow, the cold.  Yeah.
I didn’t expect to at all, but I’m actually really enjoying all but one of my classes so far.  The professors are smart, funny and engaging, which really rocks because once I zone out in class, it's all over.  And I really like to laugh while I learn, haha.
Honestly, I think Acting is going to be my favorite class, and I'm not just saying that because this is a journal for that class. =P   I've acted a little in my school's Pop's Concert (don't ask), and I absolutely loved it.  I know it was only a small taste, though, and I want to be able to do it so much more often. 
The warming up and everything is pretty awesome.  I have the worst class in existence right before the Fundamentals of Acting, and stretching and all that really woke me up.  The exercise we did at the end of class Wednesday was pretty interesting.  I've never really done anything like that before.  And I have always wanted to just run my hand along those giant curtains. =]
I'm sort of bummed that I missed the auditions for the play.  But I guess it’s okay, as I didn't know really anything about the play or script, haha.  No big deal. I'm pretty excited to see the finished product, though.  I’m sort of glad that we have to
I think I’m nearing a page.  Possibly.  I’m sort of running out of things to write about.
I am, however, exhausted.  I haven’t been getting much sleep, so I’m going to wrap this up and take a nap.  At 4:30.  God that can’t be healthy. =P
Peace out.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Oh, my life. Kicking ASS!

Yeah, so, my life is pretty much the shit lately. No joke. My classes aren't awful, I actually made a friend, and I have been regularly speaking with someone really awesome. You have every right to be jealous. And it's not often that I say my life rocks, so believe me when I say it. I know when things are shitty, and I know when they are good. And right now, they are beyond good. =]
Becker is on in the other room. I can't decide if I hate that show or not.
I'm going to start making a new paragraph every time I start a new thought. I think I'll feel more organized that way.
I met a cutie today. He was a few tables behind me at the college and he started yelling at his computer. I had to help him with his wireless. He said that he's from Florida, but he was here with his girlfriend, lawlz. He had the kind of accent that is kind of cute and endearing rather than fucking annoying.
Mirror's Edge really infuriates me.
Where's that pizza?
I should take a page from Kenzie's book and Tweet my blog link every time I post. Yes I Tweet, what of it? Aaron found out about me having a Twitter today and I thought he was going to pee he laughed so hard. What's the big deal? It's just like blogging or something. I don't get it. I really like it, and it helps me stay connected with people. How is that a bad thing?
Maybe I should start making this more like a blog and less like morning pages, yeah? I feel like  have interesting things to say, but I don't often say them in a coherent manner. Which probably gets pretty annoying.
I wish I could get more readers other than Kenzie. My own sister doesn't read my blog. Is it that bad? =P
I am mildly obsessed with A Day To Remember lately. They're really good, and I feel like I didn't know music until I heard them. Just kidding about that last part, of course, but yeah. They're super good.
Haha, when I just tried to type 'good' I accidentally wrote 'goo'. And I almost left it like that. XD
I like Blogger a lot more than LiveJournal. It's a lot cleaner, or something. Easier to use. I had a LJ once. It was dumb. Actually, I've had many in my day, but I've never stuck with any for more than a few days. I guess  Handicapped Taste Buds is doing the best so far. Even though I have one follower, lulz. I want to try Tumbler, too. I guess that's super awesome. But I felt like I had to try Blogger first. Why I'm not sure, but I did.
This blog has got to be almost unreadable, haha. I feel bad for anyone that stumbles across it. Although I would love you forever if you became a regular reader! =]
Alright, I'm out. Adios.

EDIT: I added Reactions to the bottoms of my posts! Take four seconds and tell me what you think, please. =D

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kenzie is really motivating me.

Seriously, I keep forgetting about this until she is all like, talkin' about it and stuff. Go Kenzie, savin' the day. But anyway. I have to do a journal for my Acting class. maybe I should get on that. My head hurts. My mom and sister went to go work out and stuff, and I stayed home to play video games and eat cheese sandwiches. I regret nothing. I've been getting a lot of 360 messages lately. Michael told me some good things today, only he was being a BUTT about it. But anyway. I had a good day today. I cracked my back in the theater and it actually echoed. It was NUTS. Everyone looked at me and it was really awkward, haha. Why does effing Blogger save drafts so often, jesus shit. FUCKING MIRROR'S EDGE AAAAAHHHHH Ugh it makes me want to rip the disc out and snap it in half. Fuck that game. I've been on the same part for like two hours. It so infuriating. Ugh. BUT ANYWAY I have to pee sort of. Whatever. I'm in a bad mood. Bye.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Yeah, okay, I know. It's like 5:30, not exactly morning. I had planned on doing this after my first class during my four hour wait between classes, but I made a friend! YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT! Actually, I already knew him, but shhhhh. So yeah. He convinced me to not go sit in the library and do nothing, and instead sit in front of the book store, laughing at all the people that failed at opening the door because they're dumb. Because they're dumb and deserved to be laughed at. I'm having epic typing fails today. OHMIGOSH I took notes today! On my laptop! I can't believe that I have ever taken notes longhand before, typing them out was sooooo much faster. My phone is ringing! It was my new friend Aaron, haha. Seriously, four hours passes so much faster when you have actual human interaction. It was a nice change of pace. I really don't hate my classes, either. Although, I almost certain that I don't want to teach anymore, which is nuts. Because I've been pretty sure about wanting to for a while. I don't know. OH OH I'm taking a bartending course next semester! How awesome is that? Apparently the professor for it is like the best teacher in the school, so even if I decide tending bar is gaaaaay, I'll probably stick with it if she's as great as everyone says. My phone batter sucks ass, rawr. It's almost dead already, and I charged it all last night and didn;t unplug it until about 7:30 this morning. What the poop. But anyway. I don't have much more to say because this is WAY harder to do when you haven't just woken up. I guess you like aren't supposed to talk about your day, it's just supposed to be random thoughts, but at this point I'm thinking about my day, so I guess I am defeating the purpose. Kenzie got a blog! It rocks. She's my only follower, haha, so if anyone reads this and wants a Morning Pages induced chuckle, you can find her there. Alright, I have to pee and eat some foodz, so adios!

Monday, September 7, 2009

In which I bitch about being hungry.

Alright, it's morning again! Sort of! I'm IMing Kathleen because even though we just saw her yesterday I miss her already. she laughed at me for getting up so late but she can bite me. I had a crazy dream the other night. I'm pretty sure I could fly, and I had like magical powers? It was AWESOME, haha. My arm is super sore and I'm not really sure why. At least I remembered to do this today, I failed at life yesterday. Although I must admit I was rather distracted. =]   Someone awesome offered to come up and visit me at Caz, but he then admitted that he didn't have a car and I got mad at him for getting my hopes up haha. But anyway, I was being texted incessantly for like four hours and then it just STOPPED and I felt like a dork. =P   My head sort of hurts and I'm not sure why. I feel like a creeper if I text someone and they don't text back. Like, do they not want to talk to me? Or what? I get all paranoid and scared. Then I feel like I shouldn't text them for a few days, but if I have something to say to them that's hard, haha. Oh hey Kenzie just texted me so I feel like less of a loser. My head reeeeally hurts. I should grab some breakfast, but I really have to finish this first. Well I don't have to but I want to. It's funny to me that Kenzie follows this blog because it has GOT to be torture to read. I want Taco Bell. I think I could actually LIVE off Taco Bell. We only have like Hot Pockets or something, and they are DEFINITELY not Taco Bell. I really want to get my tattoo. I think my post a few days ago talked about that too, haha. But really, I do. I should set that up sometime soon. I'm STARVING. This isn't as long as it should be, but maybe I should cut it short to go grab some fooooodz. Kenzie isn't texting me anymore. =[  Alright, well, I'm done here. Adios for now. ^^

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Oh shit I forgot.

Yep, this is my morning pages... at like four in the afternoon. Shit. I completely forgot until just now.  I have been endlessly texting today. Like endlessly. I'm still at Caz, visiting Kathleen. We have absolutely nothing to do.We went to McDonald's this morning and had cheeseburgers for fucking breakfast. Healthy. We almost got Nick to come up and see us but then he was like "Yeah I don't have a car". What a dick. =P  But yeah so we did that aaaaaand now we're bored again. Actually my phone hasn't buzzed in a little while. I think Nick got sick of me, haha. But yeah. Just realized I tried to put an apostrophe in 'went', haha. Fail. That doesn;t work. Hey Kat's roommate just got in. She's cute, haha. Her lip is pierced? Surprise. Anyway. We're talking about shooting stars and shit so I think I'm done for now. This is hard to do in a room full of people. Bai.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

11 AM barely counts as morning.

Alright, first day for morning pages. This is probably going to be a whole big mess of rambling, but I guess that's okay because that's what it's supposed to be? Whatever. I had a weird dream last night, but I shouldn't say too much about it other than it was weird because maybe I don't want the whole world to know what I dream about even though no one is ever going to read this except maybe Kenzie and even she's going to be bored. My back hurts. I just scratched my stomach. I reeeeeally need to find an new tie for my bracelet because it's breaking really bad and pretty soon it's going to fall off and I'm going to lose it nooooooooooooo. I need to wash my hair. This is so weird, I don't really know what to write about. I'm still blinking the sleep out of my eyes. How long should I make this? It should be about three handwritten pages, but how long is that in blog form? I'm not really sure. I'll guess I'll just stop when I get ultra bored. Nathan just asked me for the billionth time what I'm doing this weekend even though I've told him every single time that I'm going to see Kathleen, haha. My phone doesn't know the world 'dibs'. Kat just told me her roommate probably isn't going to be there this weekend and I called dibs on her bed but my phone spelled 'diap', whatever that means. I type like an idiot. Seriously, why the hell do I type with two fingers? I cruise, though. I wish I had taken a typing class or something. Doing this every day this weekend is probably going to be pretty hard. Like, Kathleen and Lindsay aren't going to want to wait around for me to finish pouring my heart out to my shitty blog, haha. Maybe every day I should do a normal post, too. That's two posts a day, though. I've tried one normal post a day on other blogs and I can't handle it, my life isn't interesting enough. My nose really itches, and now that I'm thinking about it, so does my knee and my shoulder and my head. And my lip. Kenzie knows one of the reasons I want to be in Syracuse, haha. I feel like such a little kid sometimes. My browser just saved this draft at 11:11. I went to McDonald's last night and I ordered a Big Mac, and I wished on 11:11 for it to be extra delicious, but it wasn't. Maybe because I wished it out loud. Is this long enough yet? I could keep rambling on for a very long time. There is so much bouncing around my head, trying to get out, but some of it I don't exactly want the whole world to know about. Maybe I should copy and paste this into Word and see how many pages it is. Yeah, I'll do that. I JUST ACCIDENTALLY CUT ALL OF IT, wow. All better, though. Aw, seriously? It's barely a page. I don't know if I can do this for two more pages, Kenzie will get bored, haha. Maybe I'll limit myself to one page-ish. I saw the Time Traveler's Wife last night, because effing Johnstown theater doesn't have Gamer and I'm piiiiiiised. But any way, Time Traveler's Wife was super good, actually, and I usually hate chick flicks. second move ever to make me cry. First movie? Pay It Forward, I've seen it three times and I cry every time I feel like such a dork typing about this but I guess there are people that cry at movies all the time. Well i guess Click sort of made me cry, and so did Bridge to Terabithia, but I had read the book and the book was WAAAAY sadder than the movie so maybe I only cried because I knew the book so well? I dunno. Nathan keeps texting me and throwing off my typing groove. SO DOES KATHLEEN AAAAH. But anyway. I think I'm almost done, because this has GOT to be about a page, and I;m getting a little disgusted with myself that I can even do this endlessly hang on my phone is ringing. Why did I tell you to hang on? I'm retarded. I backspace a lot. I need something interesting to end this with. I want to be a singer guys. Think I can do it? Who am I even asking, haha. No one is going to read this. Alright for real I'm probably done I'll add more if I think of anything I could seriously sit here and just chronicle my whole day. Does chronicle even make sense there? Well i knew what I met. Time to take a shower and do some laundry! Get to see Kat! My scar thing hurts I wonder if I can get a tattoo there yet I'm stooooooked. Asshole Word page won't let me copy and paste this aaaaaah. Oooh now it broke cool. Whatever. My face itches. Also I'm blinking manually. I think this thing saves a draft twice a minute. Everyone in the world should do this, it's very relaxing and not as hard as it sounds I'm glad I'm doing it. Thoughts of things from Syracuse keep crossing my mind but maybe I shouldn't type them because i really DON'T know who is going to read this so I'll keep them to myself. All I'll say is I miss everyone very much and I definitely need to come up more often because one of the best days of my summer happened up there and it was awesome and we all need to dick around like that more often. When I read back through this I'm going to laaaaaauuuuugh so hard. I hate when I don't have a picture of someone in my phone and they text me I get really thrown off kind of. Alright, I'm done I really need breakfast. have a good day, all one of you that is reading this. Maybe I'll be back later with a normal post I dunno. Alright I'm done bye!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Morning Pages.

Ever heard of them? Morning Pages, from the book The Artist's Way.
Easy enough to understand, yeah?
That's mostly what this blog is going to be, more than likely.
Unless I actually get some readers, then maybe I'll jazz it up a little. =P