Saturday, September 5, 2009

11 AM barely counts as morning.

Alright, first day for morning pages. This is probably going to be a whole big mess of rambling, but I guess that's okay because that's what it's supposed to be? Whatever. I had a weird dream last night, but I shouldn't say too much about it other than it was weird because maybe I don't want the whole world to know what I dream about even though no one is ever going to read this except maybe Kenzie and even she's going to be bored. My back hurts. I just scratched my stomach. I reeeeeally need to find an new tie for my bracelet because it's breaking really bad and pretty soon it's going to fall off and I'm going to lose it nooooooooooooo. I need to wash my hair. This is so weird, I don't really know what to write about. I'm still blinking the sleep out of my eyes. How long should I make this? It should be about three handwritten pages, but how long is that in blog form? I'm not really sure. I'll guess I'll just stop when I get ultra bored. Nathan just asked me for the billionth time what I'm doing this weekend even though I've told him every single time that I'm going to see Kathleen, haha. My phone doesn't know the world 'dibs'. Kat just told me her roommate probably isn't going to be there this weekend and I called dibs on her bed but my phone spelled 'diap', whatever that means. I type like an idiot. Seriously, why the hell do I type with two fingers? I cruise, though. I wish I had taken a typing class or something. Doing this every day this weekend is probably going to be pretty hard. Like, Kathleen and Lindsay aren't going to want to wait around for me to finish pouring my heart out to my shitty blog, haha. Maybe every day I should do a normal post, too. That's two posts a day, though. I've tried one normal post a day on other blogs and I can't handle it, my life isn't interesting enough. My nose really itches, and now that I'm thinking about it, so does my knee and my shoulder and my head. And my lip. Kenzie knows one of the reasons I want to be in Syracuse, haha. I feel like such a little kid sometimes. My browser just saved this draft at 11:11. I went to McDonald's last night and I ordered a Big Mac, and I wished on 11:11 for it to be extra delicious, but it wasn't. Maybe because I wished it out loud. Is this long enough yet? I could keep rambling on for a very long time. There is so much bouncing around my head, trying to get out, but some of it I don't exactly want the whole world to know about. Maybe I should copy and paste this into Word and see how many pages it is. Yeah, I'll do that. I JUST ACCIDENTALLY CUT ALL OF IT, wow. All better, though. Aw, seriously? It's barely a page. I don't know if I can do this for two more pages, Kenzie will get bored, haha. Maybe I'll limit myself to one page-ish. I saw the Time Traveler's Wife last night, because effing Johnstown theater doesn't have Gamer and I'm piiiiiiised. But any way, Time Traveler's Wife was super good, actually, and I usually hate chick flicks. second move ever to make me cry. First movie? Pay It Forward, I've seen it three times and I cry every time I feel like such a dork typing about this but I guess there are people that cry at movies all the time. Well i guess Click sort of made me cry, and so did Bridge to Terabithia, but I had read the book and the book was WAAAAY sadder than the movie so maybe I only cried because I knew the book so well? I dunno. Nathan keeps texting me and throwing off my typing groove. SO DOES KATHLEEN AAAAH. But anyway. I think I'm almost done, because this has GOT to be about a page, and I;m getting a little disgusted with myself that I can even do this endlessly hang on my phone is ringing. Why did I tell you to hang on? I'm retarded. I backspace a lot. I need something interesting to end this with. I want to be a singer guys. Think I can do it? Who am I even asking, haha. No one is going to read this. Alright for real I'm probably done I'll add more if I think of anything I could seriously sit here and just chronicle my whole day. Does chronicle even make sense there? Well i knew what I met. Time to take a shower and do some laundry! Get to see Kat! My scar thing hurts I wonder if I can get a tattoo there yet I'm stooooooked. Asshole Word page won't let me copy and paste this aaaaaah. Oooh now it broke cool. Whatever. My face itches. Also I'm blinking manually. I think this thing saves a draft twice a minute. Everyone in the world should do this, it's very relaxing and not as hard as it sounds I'm glad I'm doing it. Thoughts of things from Syracuse keep crossing my mind but maybe I shouldn't type them because i really DON'T know who is going to read this so I'll keep them to myself. All I'll say is I miss everyone very much and I definitely need to come up more often because one of the best days of my summer happened up there and it was awesome and we all need to dick around like that more often. When I read back through this I'm going to laaaaaauuuuugh so hard. I hate when I don't have a picture of someone in my phone and they text me I get really thrown off kind of. Alright, I'm done I really need breakfast. have a good day, all one of you that is reading this. Maybe I'll be back later with a normal post I dunno. Alright I'm done bye!

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