Friday, September 18, 2009

Alright, behavior observation journal.

Let’s do this.
A lot of times, I’ll notice that taller people tend to walk with their shoulders hunched and their heads down.  I usually wonder if this means they are uncomfortable with their height, or if they just get so used to ducking under things that it becomes a habit. =P  I’ve also noticed that when people are in a group they’re more likely to look around when they’re walking, whereas people that walk alone look down or at their feet.   When I walk, I try to hold my head up and look around, regardless of whether I’m walking alone or not.  I try not to cross my arms a lot, but I’ve been told that when I seem uncomfortable, I often play with my hands or grab one arm with the other.  I guess that makes sense. It’s like a security thing, probably. 
It’s really interesting to me how much you can glean about a person, simply from their body language and posture.
It would seem that males generally move and stand like they are more open to interaction and the like, while females seem like they are mostly closed off.  It can sometimes be very hard to judge a person’s personality, because of cell phones, iPods, and things like that that everyone has become so accustomed to.  People will often walk around with their nose buried in their phone, ignoring those around them.  I know I do it.
I’ve really been enjoying all of my classes, but I’ve gotta say that Acting is my favorite.  I really like getting up and actually doing something, rather than staring at PowerPoint all day, every day.
So yeah.   I’m not really sure how I’m going to end this, so I guess I’ll just… end it.

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