Saturday, September 19, 2009


The day be filled with the talk o' the gentlemen o' fortune, arr!

I was planning on doing a whole post in pirate, but really I feel like ass and I'm not in the mood. Sorry, Internets. Maybe next year.
I've felt kind of out-of-whack all day, and it's a little weird. I'm pretty sure I know why though. One, I've probably got a cold, and Two, my daily routine drastically (but hopefully only temporarily) changed yesterday. As dorky as this is going to sound, Nick's going to be out of service with his phone until tomorrow, and it's really weird not texting him all day long. At least I think that's the deal, because he's in like East Bum Fuck this weekend. I hope he hasn't decided that he doesn't want to talk to me. Alright, now that you all hate me, moving on...
I have this crazy bug bite on my arm, and it hurts kind of. OH GOD SWINE FLU. Just kidding, of course. You really don't want me to start in on that. Damn H1N1, freaking everyone out.
I got Anberlin's CD months ago, and I just listened to it today, and I have decided that I really like it. Craziness, right? RIGHT.
Well, other than that, I really have nothing to say today. Sorry for the short post, but I really don't want to slip into the habit of skipping it again. That gets out of hand way fast.
Peace out. =P

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