Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Yeah, okay, I know. It's like 5:30, not exactly morning. I had planned on doing this after my first class during my four hour wait between classes, but I made a friend! YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT! Actually, I already knew him, but shhhhh. So yeah. He convinced me to not go sit in the library and do nothing, and instead sit in front of the book store, laughing at all the people that failed at opening the door because they're dumb. Because they're dumb and deserved to be laughed at. I'm having epic typing fails today. OHMIGOSH I took notes today! On my laptop! I can't believe that I have ever taken notes longhand before, typing them out was sooooo much faster. My phone is ringing! It was my new friend Aaron, haha. Seriously, four hours passes so much faster when you have actual human interaction. It was a nice change of pace. I really don't hate my classes, either. Although, I almost certain that I don't want to teach anymore, which is nuts. Because I've been pretty sure about wanting to for a while. I don't know. OH OH I'm taking a bartending course next semester! How awesome is that? Apparently the professor for it is like the best teacher in the school, so even if I decide tending bar is gaaaaay, I'll probably stick with it if she's as great as everyone says. My phone batter sucks ass, rawr. It's almost dead already, and I charged it all last night and didn;t unplug it until about 7:30 this morning. What the poop. But anyway. I don't have much more to say because this is WAY harder to do when you haven't just woken up. I guess you like aren't supposed to talk about your day, it's just supposed to be random thoughts, but at this point I'm thinking about my day, so I guess I am defeating the purpose. Kenzie got a blog! It rocks. She's my only follower, haha, so if anyone reads this and wants a Morning Pages induced chuckle, you can find her there. Alright, I have to pee and eat some foodz, so adios!

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