Friday, September 11, 2009

I have to do a journal for my Fundamentals of Acting class.

And I'm going to use this for it. One full page. Let's get it on, bitches. (This has been edited as not to offend anyone)

            Alright, to be honest I don't really like it here much. I don't know many people, and most of the ones I do know have some kind of problem with me for one reason or another. But I have a few pretty good friends, so I guess that'll hold me over until I graduate. =P
My first few days of school I had intended to keep my head down, so to speak, and just breeze through my classes.  Use my four hour break that I have every other day for studying and homework.  That worked until I ran into an old friend that I hadn't seen in years.  Now we fill in each other's massively long breaks that happen to fall at the same time, and I have to actually do homework at home.  Which is pretty great, it’s actually really nice to have someone around to keep you company that knows their way around campus.  I’m still having trouble remembering which floor my classes are on.
I've seen some other people that I haven't spoken to in a long time around, but I don't really know if they remember me.  I feel like I am sort of forgettable.
I'm so glad it's starting to get cooling and windier.  I'm excited about winter, it's my favorite season.  It rocks.  The snow, the cold.  Yeah.
I didn’t expect to at all, but I’m actually really enjoying all but one of my classes so far.  The professors are smart, funny and engaging, which really rocks because once I zone out in class, it's all over.  And I really like to laugh while I learn, haha.
Honestly, I think Acting is going to be my favorite class, and I'm not just saying that because this is a journal for that class. =P   I've acted a little in my school's Pop's Concert (don't ask), and I absolutely loved it.  I know it was only a small taste, though, and I want to be able to do it so much more often. 
The warming up and everything is pretty awesome.  I have the worst class in existence right before the Fundamentals of Acting, and stretching and all that really woke me up.  The exercise we did at the end of class Wednesday was pretty interesting.  I've never really done anything like that before.  And I have always wanted to just run my hand along those giant curtains. =]
I'm sort of bummed that I missed the auditions for the play.  But I guess it’s okay, as I didn't know really anything about the play or script, haha.  No big deal. I'm pretty excited to see the finished product, though.  I’m sort of glad that we have to
I think I’m nearing a page.  Possibly.  I’m sort of running out of things to write about.
I am, however, exhausted.  I haven’t been getting much sleep, so I’m going to wrap this up and take a nap.  At 4:30.  God that can’t be healthy. =P
Peace out.

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