Saturday, September 12, 2009

I need a new camera.

Alright, actually doing morning pages in the morning. Score.
My horoscope is nuts today!! It's all "Oh, someone important to you thanks far away won't be far away much longer. Good things will happen with them". Well I fucking hope so!
I am seriously in love with nevershoutnever. He's so good, and all the music is so mellow and cute and happy and I love it!
Kenzie told me funny Mima stories last night, and I was VERY amused. How does she know this stuff? It's crazy. Makes me lawl.
I'm so hungry. Which is nuts, because when I wake up I NEVER want to eat, not for like three hours.
Dudes, I keep spelling 'because' wrong. My fingers get like overexcited and confused and skip letters and add letters and kajlsfhgkjhafdgari
I'm having a lot of trouble focusing, ugh.
My mom is being a suuuuper creeper, and I'm pretty sure Taylor spilled the beans, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.
This is way harder in the morning, because I don't really have anything to talk about, but I guess that's the point, huh?
My grandparents are here, and they are telling me intriguing things. How do grandparents find out about this stuff? It's crazy.
My horoscope makes me happy. =P
I'm probably not going to text a certain city slicker today unless he texts me. Although he did call me again last night... eh, I'm sure I'll cave and end up texting him. It's what I do. =P
OH YEAH he called me again last night. I made an ass out of myself, but I guess he was amused, which is good. I like to make people laugh, especially important, far away people. =P
My lucky color today is green. Score, I love green. And I love luck! So yeah.
I'll wait until AT LEAST one. Okay, maybe noon. To text people, I mean. I'll try. I guess.
I'm rambling. =P
Alright, I REALLY need breakfast, so adios amigos. =]

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