Monday, September 7, 2009

In which I bitch about being hungry.

Alright, it's morning again! Sort of! I'm IMing Kathleen because even though we just saw her yesterday I miss her already. she laughed at me for getting up so late but she can bite me. I had a crazy dream the other night. I'm pretty sure I could fly, and I had like magical powers? It was AWESOME, haha. My arm is super sore and I'm not really sure why. At least I remembered to do this today, I failed at life yesterday. Although I must admit I was rather distracted. =]   Someone awesome offered to come up and visit me at Caz, but he then admitted that he didn't have a car and I got mad at him for getting my hopes up haha. But anyway, I was being texted incessantly for like four hours and then it just STOPPED and I felt like a dork. =P   My head sort of hurts and I'm not sure why. I feel like a creeper if I text someone and they don't text back. Like, do they not want to talk to me? Or what? I get all paranoid and scared. Then I feel like I shouldn't text them for a few days, but if I have something to say to them that's hard, haha. Oh hey Kenzie just texted me so I feel like less of a loser. My head reeeeally hurts. I should grab some breakfast, but I really have to finish this first. Well I don't have to but I want to. It's funny to me that Kenzie follows this blog because it has GOT to be torture to read. I want Taco Bell. I think I could actually LIVE off Taco Bell. We only have like Hot Pockets or something, and they are DEFINITELY not Taco Bell. I really want to get my tattoo. I think my post a few days ago talked about that too, haha. But really, I do. I should set that up sometime soon. I'm STARVING. This isn't as long as it should be, but maybe I should cut it short to go grab some fooooodz. Kenzie isn't texting me anymore. =[  Alright, well, I'm done here. Adios for now. ^^

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