Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kenzie is really motivating me.

Seriously, I keep forgetting about this until she is all like, talkin' about it and stuff. Go Kenzie, savin' the day. But anyway. I have to do a journal for my Acting class. maybe I should get on that. My head hurts. My mom and sister went to go work out and stuff, and I stayed home to play video games and eat cheese sandwiches. I regret nothing. I've been getting a lot of 360 messages lately. Michael told me some good things today, only he was being a BUTT about it. But anyway. I had a good day today. I cracked my back in the theater and it actually echoed. It was NUTS. Everyone looked at me and it was really awkward, haha. Why does effing Blogger save drafts so often, jesus shit. FUCKING MIRROR'S EDGE AAAAAHHHHH Ugh it makes me want to rip the disc out and snap it in half. Fuck that game. I've been on the same part for like two hours. It so infuriating. Ugh. BUT ANYWAY I have to pee sort of. Whatever. I'm in a bad mood. Bye.

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