Thursday, September 17, 2009

Killin' time.

I've got about an hour until my next class (actually, exactly an hour, good guess, me), and I'm sitting here by myself, so I figure this will help pass the time a little. And I'm fucking tired and want to go to sleep. Buuut I can't so I need something to keep me awake.
Aaron bought me a fucking Big Mac today! Which is awesome, because I was super hungry and I love surprises. Specifically edible ones.
I actually have almost nothing to talk about, which fails a tad, but whatevs.
Oh, I guess I could talk about this couple at the table next to mine that have been there for like two hours, being waaaaay too touchy-feely for such a public place. OH MY GOD they are feeding each other. Seriously? And they keep looking at me like I'm interrupting their little love session. Really? Get a room please. I have just as much right to be here as you, and I'm not being obnoxious.
Oh hey, I finally finished my essay. I got lazy toward the end, so the last two paragraphs aren't very good. And I'm not really sure I fulfilled the requirements of the assignment, which is shitty. But I tried, and it's two pages, so shut up.
My phone has been rather silent all day, I'm a little sad. Oh well.
I might claim this table as mine. It's quiet down here, I'm right near an outlet for my laptop, and other than the dicks next to me, everyone that has come through has been very nice.
I was harassed by some girl earlier to vote for her for student government. Honestly, I couldn't give a shit, but I just told her I was super busy and snuck by. My browser just underlined 'snuck' and told me it's not a word. I thought it was, but now that I look at it, it looks really stupid. Snuck snuck snuck. Snuck.
I wonder how many people actually read this? It's very likely that it's only Kenzie, but whatever.
Oh hey, now that couple is taking turns blowing bubbles with the same piece of gum. Jeeeez.
Mmmm, Mayday just came up on my Zune. They're coming to Northern Lights on November 4th, I should go yeah. I should bring a friend, too. =]
Oh man! I almost forgot. I found someone that shares my love for Tuna Casserole! I didn't know it was possible! All of my friends think it's gross, and Nick said most of the people he knows pretty much hate it, but we both dig it, haha. How nuts is that? We both love snow, and tuna casserole, and our birthdays are like four days apart, and we're both hilarious. =P
Oh YEAH those douchebags are leaving. Fucking finally. Go do it somewhere else please.
Ahhh, life is good, but I'm out of things to talk about. So, I'm out.



  1. I love Mayday. And that's the day before All Time Low. I like being invited places, whether there is an age limit or not. :p
    But seriously, i wanna go. XD

  2. I thought All Time Low was in December?