Thursday, September 10, 2009

Oh, my life. Kicking ASS!

Yeah, so, my life is pretty much the shit lately. No joke. My classes aren't awful, I actually made a friend, and I have been regularly speaking with someone really awesome. You have every right to be jealous. And it's not often that I say my life rocks, so believe me when I say it. I know when things are shitty, and I know when they are good. And right now, they are beyond good. =]
Becker is on in the other room. I can't decide if I hate that show or not.
I'm going to start making a new paragraph every time I start a new thought. I think I'll feel more organized that way.
I met a cutie today. He was a few tables behind me at the college and he started yelling at his computer. I had to help him with his wireless. He said that he's from Florida, but he was here with his girlfriend, lawlz. He had the kind of accent that is kind of cute and endearing rather than fucking annoying.
Mirror's Edge really infuriates me.
Where's that pizza?
I should take a page from Kenzie's book and Tweet my blog link every time I post. Yes I Tweet, what of it? Aaron found out about me having a Twitter today and I thought he was going to pee he laughed so hard. What's the big deal? It's just like blogging or something. I don't get it. I really like it, and it helps me stay connected with people. How is that a bad thing?
Maybe I should start making this more like a blog and less like morning pages, yeah? I feel like  have interesting things to say, but I don't often say them in a coherent manner. Which probably gets pretty annoying.
I wish I could get more readers other than Kenzie. My own sister doesn't read my blog. Is it that bad? =P
I am mildly obsessed with A Day To Remember lately. They're really good, and I feel like I didn't know music until I heard them. Just kidding about that last part, of course, but yeah. They're super good.
Haha, when I just tried to type 'good' I accidentally wrote 'goo'. And I almost left it like that. XD
I like Blogger a lot more than LiveJournal. It's a lot cleaner, or something. Easier to use. I had a LJ once. It was dumb. Actually, I've had many in my day, but I've never stuck with any for more than a few days. I guess  Handicapped Taste Buds is doing the best so far. Even though I have one follower, lulz. I want to try Tumbler, too. I guess that's super awesome. But I felt like I had to try Blogger first. Why I'm not sure, but I did.
This blog has got to be almost unreadable, haha. I feel bad for anyone that stumbles across it. Although I would love you forever if you became a regular reader! =]
Alright, I'm out. Adios.

EDIT: I added Reactions to the bottoms of my posts! Take four seconds and tell me what you think, please. =D

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