Sunday, September 6, 2009

Oh shit I forgot.

Yep, this is my morning pages... at like four in the afternoon. Shit. I completely forgot until just now.  I have been endlessly texting today. Like endlessly. I'm still at Caz, visiting Kathleen. We have absolutely nothing to do.We went to McDonald's this morning and had cheeseburgers for fucking breakfast. Healthy. We almost got Nick to come up and see us but then he was like "Yeah I don't have a car". What a dick. =P  But yeah so we did that aaaaaand now we're bored again. Actually my phone hasn't buzzed in a little while. I think Nick got sick of me, haha. But yeah. Just realized I tried to put an apostrophe in 'went', haha. Fail. That doesn;t work. Hey Kat's roommate just got in. She's cute, haha. Her lip is pierced? Surprise. Anyway. We're talking about shooting stars and shit so I think I'm done for now. This is hard to do in a room full of people. Bai.

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