Sunday, October 4, 2009

I fail at blogging. And keeping up with journals.

So here's both in one go. =P

(I have to do a monologue for Acting, and this is about picking it)

I had a really hard time picking my monologue, to tell the truth.  I read through all of the recommended ones, and none of them really jumped out at me, so to speak.  So I marked a few of the more interesting ones so I could go back through and read some of the plays.  I ended up narrowing it down to three, all belonging to different plays.  I ended up only reading the first play I had picked, which was None of the Above.  I fell in love with Jaime’s character (I think her name is Jaime. It’s late and I am tired), and even thought I didn’t really care for the plot of the play, I thought the characters were loveable and believable, so I went with it.
I’ve read the play all the way through twice now, and I think I’ve got a pretty decent grasp on her personality, and how her relationship with Clark changes over the course of the play.  I’m pretty confident that I’ll be able to do her justice. She’s a pretty deep and complex character, even though at the beginning she seems shallow and stupid.  But I suppose figuring that out is the point of the whole play, isn’t it?
I’m actually sort of looking forward to performing this whole deal, but I’m a little nervous, too.  I’ve never done a monologue before, so that’s a little unnerving.  And the fact that like three other people are doing the same monologue makes me excited and scared at the same time.  I mean, I really want to see how different their takes are from mine, but I still sort of feel like there’s a little pressure.
I’m looking forward to my rehearsal as well.  I like to get feedback and to know how I can improve, so this is great.

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