Thursday, January 14, 2010

Holy poop.

It's been ages since I've posted, sorry to anyone that might actually read this.
I've been writing a lot lately, but with pen and paper rather than a keyboard.  It's actually really personal, so I doubt I'll put it up.  Again, sorraaaaay.
I have been having weird-ass dreams!  Like, I'm pretty sure I got raped in one the other night, and I was definitely a wolf in one I had last night.  Shit's weird.

I'm really going to try to start updating regularly again. =]


  1. Oh god, wierd dreams. Yikes. I had a rape dream not long ago. Not so fun. Also, I dream that people are trying to kill me. All the time. Or that I have to kill them to protect myself or someone else. Lots of violence in my dreams, apparently. Luckily "they" say that it's not some sort of psycological defect, or else I'd be worried.

  2. I actually lose my shoes a lot, too. XD