Saturday, January 30, 2010

This is pointless.

But I'll post it anyway.  I wrote all this in a class yesterday.

Okay.  Bored in class.  There are like twelve new people so the professor is going over the syllabus AGAIN.  So Blogger is what I turn to.  I’m pathetic, aren’t I? 

He just used me as an example of an attentive student.  How amusing. 

I get the feeling a lot of blogs are going to be written in this class.  It seems super tedious.  The first test is going to have three fucking essays on it.  I’m thinking about taking a page out of TFLN’s book and just drawing pictures of cats. 

I’m a little sad that I missed auditions for this semester’s play.  It’s a musical and I really wanted to try out, but they were months ago.  D=

I’m fucking exhausted.  It’s a little ridiculous.  I want to go home and sleep, but I know when I get there I’ll just sit down and play Mass Effect.  Which is cool!  But I should really sleep.  Although, it IS the weekend…

Now we’re talking about Avatar?  Maybe I should start paying attention.  Although, almost everyone else appears to be a fucking idiot in here, so maybe I should keep zoning out.  I feel like I’ll lose brain cells if I listen to these people ask any more questions.

I feel bad, though.  I like this professor, but the people in here, god DAMN they are annoying.  

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