Wednesday, February 3, 2010

In which I muse.

My Bio professor is an Evolutionist.  Which is cool, I guess, because learning about new things is fascinating to me.  But there are some holes in the evolutionary theory, and I may only be a 19 year old kid, but they seem like gaping holes to me.  In the second day of class, he handed out a chart of organism development over the past bazillion years, and at one point, called the Cambrian Explosion, all of a sudden, land animals appear!  Well, okay, but why?  He didn’t seem to have a straight answer for me.

Among others, this is the main reason I find Evolution such a sketchy theory: the idea of adaptations.  For example, the whole ‘Monkeys-into-People’ idea.  Well alright, sure, monkeys stood up, lost some hair, grew some smarts, and got called Humans.  Well I have a few problems with that.  This is how I look at it – If I have a big, ugly nose and I’m not happy with it, I’ll get a nose job and then I look cute (this is hypothetical, of course.  I’m not one for cosmetic surgery).   So now I’ve got this great nose and I’m totally hot, I marry some cutie and we have kids.  HOWEVER, no matter what I’ve done to my body, my children will have my former big, ugly nose.  Because no matter how I change my physical appearance, my DNA and genes and all that shit stay the same. 

So how, exactly, does evolution work?  If one monkey decided he wanted to stand up straight and walk around on two legs and lose some hair, good for him.  But when he finds a nice lady monkey and they have nice monkey babies, those monkey babies are going to be just that: Monkeys.  No matter what Daddy did to his body, his genes stayed the same, and THAT is what gets passed to monkey babies. 

SO, in semi-conclusion, unless organisms figured out a way to change their genetic make-up, Evolution doesn’t make sense.  But maybe that’s the point: those things DID figure out a way to change their DNA and stuff.  But if that’s the case, maybe that should be the first thing an Evolutionist Bio professor teaches.  And then his students would spend their time in class writing about all the reasons they’re confused.

So all in all, these are the musings of a 19 year old, first-year college student.  Cut me some slack.


  1. I think the point is that we are genetically predisposed to certain things. Some men are geneticaly faster than others. It is likely that their children will also be fast. As that is a trait that aids in self-protection, they are also more likely so survive, so this trait of increased speed is more likely to spread within the species.

    As with the Daddy Monkey standing, the ability to stand likely has genetic factors. Whether it be abnormal brain ability or altered bone structure. It is not likely that Monkey's don't stand because they've decided not to, but because they were as of yet unable, until this Monkey, with a mutation, was able to. And then his children were able to, and so on. As this was adventageous skill, they were more likely to breed, more likely to survive, etc. :)

  2. And suddenly, Evolution makes sense.
    A little.