Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh dear.

I had a pretty emo kid blog lined up for today, but recent events in my life have turned that around.

I’ve met some fantastic people, for once.  And they don’t really seem like they hate me, which is cool.    And, even though this is very unlike me, I seem to have developed the teeniest bit of a crush. =3

Weird, yeah?  I mean, I’m pretty thrown.  I’m not sure how to go about handling this. This isn’t something that happens to me.  I mean, I barely know the kid, but I feel strangely drawn to him.  I really think we’ve been hitting it off pretty well, but maybe I’m wrong.  And anyway, I think he’s already involved with someone.  But, that doesn’t matter, right?  Because this is just me being marginally stupid.

He’s pretty cute, though.

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