Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"You came to OUR country, you learn OUR language"? Suck my balls.

The ignorance of the people in this country astounds me. If you REALLY have the mentality that people that come here need to learn English, you’re WRONG. Don’t even try to defend the point, because there’s no way you can justify it. If you’re going to force people to learn America’s “native language”, try some Cherokee on for size.

Here's a Facebook group against the close-minded jerks.
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  1. See you assume that we would defend it by saying learn our native language. I, on the other hand, would say learn English because it is quite obviously the dominating language. What's the point in coming here if nobody can understand you? So if you want to come here you should either learn enough basic English to be understood or find/hire someone to translate for you correct? Otherwise you're just causing a hassle no matter where you go considering our country, by majority, still only appeals to those who speak English.

  2. So if you moved to Russia, and lived in a town full of English speaking Americans, you would learn Russian?
    I don't think that everyone in this country needs to learn English. The USA does not have an official language. Just because the English were the first to settle doesn't give us the right to declare English the only language worth knowing.
    Language is a deep part of culture. Asking someone to give up their language is like asking me to cut out my eyes. I couldn't do it.
    Learning a language is also one of the most difficult things to do, especially the English language. I took four years of Spanish, and all I really know how to say is "I need to take a shower".
    I can understand maybe learning enough to say something to the effect of "I need a translator", but forcing an immigrant to learn an entirely new language is far too much to ask.

  3. Also, thank you for commenting in a coherent manner. I'm sick of getting flamed for this, it was nice to see a decently thought out argument.