Monday, March 29, 2010

My Adventures in Drving!

So, I got a flat tire on Saturday. I'm not sure HOW I have such terrible luck with cars, I just know that I do.
Since I started school in September, I've been on the side (or off) of the road five times. Five! In like six months!
This first time was on my first day of school. I'm drivin' through town, and HOLY SHIT WHAT IS THAT SOUND? It sounded like my muffler was dragging behind the car. So I pulled over, got out, and oh hey, my muffler was dragging behind the car. So, me and my mommy (because, mind, I only had my permit at this point) spent about half an hour trying to get the muffler the REST of the way off. Which was fun. And I was late to my first ever college class.
The second time, I do believe, was when I was on the way to the mall with my good buddy Tai, and I hit a drift of snow and spun into a field (Yes, a field. This is the country. There are a lot of them). And because the bank was so steep, we had to get towed out by this teeny little Jeep thing that belonged to a friend of my dad's. But until he got there, we sat in the middle of some dude's field in  about 20 degree weather for half an hour, cheerfully waving on the seventeen people that stopped to help.
Incident number three I mentioned a few posts ago; My fuel pump shit the bed and I hung out with Zeb's grandparents for a while.
The fourth time was the first one that was completely and utterly my fault. On my way to college one day, I ran out of gas smack-dab in the middle of a total dead zone. After sitting in the car for around fifteen minutes, sizing up the two houses I was closest to, trying to decide which was less creepy (because, let's face it, when you're a nineteen year old girl in the middle of nowhere, with no cell phone or car, EVERYTHING is creepy), I finally chose the creepier of the two because it was closest, and there was actually a car in the driveway. Plus, it was raining. Who wants to walk in the rain? Not me. It turned out that the guy that lived there was totally cool, and his dog was so adorable. I called my parents and waited there until someone came to my rescue. I'm totally making that dude a cake. He rocked.
Aaaaand number five happened Saturday. I was drivin' along, headin' home from dance class (shut up) with my cousin Sam, when the sound coming from the open sun roof changed abruptly from the regular ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff sound that you hear when the windows are down to an unfamiliar, roaring  BUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. So Sam and I proceeded to assume the worst and pulled over. We both got out, and I checked out the tires on my side. Just as I was breathing a sigh of relief because they were both completely intact, Sam let out an "Ooooooh boy" from the other side of the car. The back right tire was totally flat, with a puncture in the side wall. If there had been a jack in the car, I could have changed it, but as it was I had to call my dad, and he had to borrow a jack and then come help us.
So yeah. Good fuckin' times, man.


  1. Haha, sorry XD But it made me laugh.


  2. Bummer! Hopefully your bad luck streak changes!

    In regards to the hat, if you still want it we can figure out some form of payment! Do you have a paypal account? I was thinking that perhaps we could split the shipping costs, but if you aren't comfortable with that we can figure something else out! Feel free to email me at nickiwhitman (at) hotmail (dot) com to discuss/send me your mailing address if you're still interested =).

  3. Thanks Kendra, hahaha. I was kind of gunning for the humorous side. =]
    Nicki, I'll email you. =]