Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ten Things.

My fellow Blogger Nicki recently posted this on her blog over at Kaleidoscope Thrills, and I definitely wanted to do it.  She makes several good points about the lack of self love in the world, so I'm going to love my inner and outer self for the next few bullets. =]

"Inner 5"
1) I'm intelligent, and about a lot of different things.  I have the grades, in both high school and college, to back up that claim.  I know about things from cars and computers to animals and people.  I also have the life experience to say that I'm about as street smart as a girl from a small country town can be.
2) I'm well spoken and well written, which I believe comes from being well read.  I can hold my own in an interview or debate, and I am almost always able to back up my opinion with solid arguments and facts.  That being said, I also know when I've been beaten, and when I should step down.  Interviewers and new acquaintances often compliment me on how well I am able to express myself.
3) I have a great sense of humor.  I love to laugh, and I love to make people laugh.  I've often been told that I'm funny, and I humbly agree. =P
4)  I'm musical.  I play multiple instruments, and I'm learning more every day.  I love to sing, and I think I'm fairly good at it.  I listen to a wide variety of music, and I feel that doing so really broadens my horizons. 
5) I'm nice.  To everyone.  Unless you've given me a valid reason to dislike you, I am kind.  I go out of my way to help people, and I'm always polite.  I think that has a lot to do with how I was brought up.

"Outer 5"
1) I absolutely love my height.  Being five feet tall is fantastic.  In an odd sort of way, it helps me stand out.
2) I have nice lips, which is strange for me to say, as lips aren't something I generally notice.  However, several people on several separate occasions have complimented them, and I've come to notice that they kind of rock. =P
3) I also get regular compliments on my legs (butt included ;P ), which is rare for a girl of my stature.  Nonetheless, they're proportioned well to the rest of my figure, and I know what kinds of shorts and pants to wear to show them off.
4) I love having small feet.  Most things about me are rather petite, and my feet are no exception.  They're of such a shape and size that I can wear both girl's/women's AND boy's/men's shoes comfortably, which really fits in with my life style.  I can seamlessly switch between a size 5.5 pair of heels into a men's size 4 pair skate shoes.  I love it.
5) My long hair is a big part of who I am.  I've only cut it short twice in my life, and while it was okay, I was eager for it to grow back each time.  So many women and girls have short hair these days, and having hair that hangs almost to my waist helps to set me apart. (That being said, I'm cutting it off and donating it this summer. =X )

What do you love about yourself?  I'd love to know.  Post your ten in the comments, or leave me a link. =]


  1. Oh, I like this!! I'm definitely going to do my own sometime soon :D

    And rock on with that long hair, I'm right there with you :)

    And I had no idea you were 5 feet tall. That is awesome! :)

  2. I'm slow to comment, but I just wanted to say that I loved reading your list, and I'm glad that the self-love I talked about it my post is being spread, 'cuz that's what it was all about =).